How All-in-One Restaurant Management Software Can Help Your Business Grow Better!

Expand your restaurant with our POS software. We Offer All In One Restaurant Management Software! A restaurant owner has to go through an endless number of tasks in a day just to make sure that the restaurant is running smoothly and providing good services to its customers in order to make a profit from its business. A restaurant with a point of sale integrated software will empower your business, boost sales, and increase revenues.

Resdroid is smart and reliable and can be used by all through its cloud technology. Expand your Restaurant easily with our POS software. Manage stocks, schedule staff, increase table turnaround time, get intelligence reports, and much more… Improve your speed of service and transform the customer experience. Get a Resdroid App! All you need is a browser!

Resdroid is accessible on any device that runs a browser – from traditional POS systems and desktops to laptops, tablets, and even smartphones! Say goodbye to expensive proprietary hardware.

Get Special Features

  • Great For Business Owners
  • Purchase Management
  • Stock Management & Inventory
  • Powerful Inventory Reporting
  • Start your 30 days free trial now!

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