Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate Agreement

This Affiliate Program Agreement (“Agreement”) governs participation in the Buyp Affiliate Program (“Affiliate Program”). By proceeding with the electronic sign-up process, you acknowledge and commit to the terms outlined in this legally binding contract between you or the represented entity and Buyp. Should you dissent from these terms, refrain from continuing with the registration process.


Your designation as an “Affiliate” for specific services offered by Buyp (“Designated Buyp Service/s”) will be contingent upon the review of the information submitted during your sign-up process. Buyp retains the sole and absolute discretion to designate the services to which you will be affiliated.

Affiliate Program Eligibility

Eligibility for participation in the Buyp Affiliate Program extends to individuals, businesses, industry bodies, and trade associations. Throughout the entirety of this Agreement, it is imperative to seek explicit written consent from Buyp before engaging in any other collaborative partnership programs offered by the company.

Referral Commission Structure and Payment

Your participation as an affiliate entitles you to a referral commission of 5% for each payment and subsequent renewal made by clients referred to our services through your efforts.

The commission will be disbursed based on the chosen subscription plan of the Customer. If the customer opts for a monthly subscription, you will receive the commission every month as long as the subscription remains active. For annual subscriptions, your commission will be issued annually for the duration the customer sustains their subscription.

Referral Fee Terms and Payment Conditions

You will not be eligible for the Referral Fee if the Customer cancels the subscription, downgrades to a free subscription plan, or claims a refund of the subscription fee within ninety (45) days from the date of the Qualified Purchase. The Referral Fee earned by you will only be paid out when the unpaid Referral Fee reflected in your account reaches or exceeds 1000 INR. Upon reaching this threshold, you can request a payout.

Payouts will be facilitated through PayPal, wire transfer, or any other method chosen by Buyp at its sole discretion.

Additionally, you are responsible for the payment of all taxes, duties, and charges imposed on the Referral Fee. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Buyp harmless from any claims arising due to non-payment of applicable taxes, duties, and charges.

Term and Termination

This Agreement shall commence upon your receipt of an email from Buyp confirming your appointment as an “Affiliate” and will remain in effect until terminated by either party in accordance with the provisions contained herein.

Termination without cause: Either party retains the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, for any reason, by providing a thirty (30) days’ notice via email at .

Termination for cause: Failure to comply with any of the terms outlined in this Agreement may result in a warning or immediate termination by Buyp.

Termination due to discontinuation of the Affiliate Program: Buyp reserves the right to discontinue the Affiliate Program. In such an event, a notice of thirty (30) days will be provided via email.

Effect of Termination

In the event of termination of this Agreement without cause by either party or for cause by Buyp, any outstanding Referral Fee accrued until the termination date will be paid to you.

If this Agreement is terminated without cause by Buyp or due to the discontinuation of the Affiliate Program, you will continue to receive Referral Fees for all Qualified Purchases from customers who have converted to a paid subscription plan before the conclusion of the thirty-day notice period.

Upon termination of this Agreement, except as explicitly stated above, all rights and obligations of both parties as outlined in this Agreement, any prior email communications, or any web pages related to the Affiliate Program will cease. It is required to promptly remove all references to Buyp from your website, including any embedded Buyp sign-up links.

Changes to the Terms of this Agreement

You acknowledge that Buyp may periodically modify the terms of this Agreement. In such instances, you will be notified of these changes through an announcement or electronic mail. Upon receiving notice of such alterations, you have the option to either terminate this Agreement within fifteen days, discontinuing your participation in the Affiliate Program, or accept the changes and continue your involvement. Your continued participation in the Affiliate Program after fifteen days from the date of notice of any changes will constitute your consent to those modifications.

Relationship of Parties

The relationship between you and Buyp is non-exclusive. This Agreement shall not imply the establishment of a partnership, joint venture, agency, or any similar relationship. You are not authorized to enter into any contracts or assume obligations on behalf of Buyp. Similarly, Buyp is not authorized to enter into contracts or assume obligations on your behalf.

Compliance with Applicable Laws

You are responsible for ensuring that your business operations and fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement comply with all relevant laws, including privacy and data security regulations. You agree to provide reasonable cooperation, assistance, and information to enable Buyp to fulfill its obligations under any applicable laws.


This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between You and Buyp, superseding all previous communications and agreements. You may not assign this Agreement without Buyp’s prior written consent. You also agree not to register trademarks confusingly similar to Buyp’s trademarks or to use internet domain names that create confusion with Buyp’s trademarks. Buyp’s failure to enforce strict performance of any provision in this Agreement will not waive its right to enforce such provision or any other subsequently. If any part of this Agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, the remainder shall be interpreted to reasonably effect the intention of both parties.