Desktop App development

Whether you require a hardware- or operating system specific desktop application — standalone or web-enabled; a utility or a plug-in, we expertise are here to develop a well functional and visually rich, high-performance, responsive and user friendly desktop

Well Functional
Visually Rich
Desktop App development
Web App Development

Web App Development

We Develops Scalable and Engaging Web Applications. Buyp Technologies leverage the power of open-source or Microsoft technologies to build dynamic and robust website applications. Be it your corporate website or your Intranet app, cloud-based or on-premise, we provide a range of options so that you can pick the best possible match for your business needs.

Mobile Responsive
POS Applications

Hybrid App Development

SR SoftTech hybrid app development solutions are robust, high-performing, feature-packed and built to be both scalable and secure, able to handle any business and IT needs.

Cross-platform/multi-platform development
Provides more access to device features and capabilities
Downloadable and installable
Improved performance
Hybrid App Development
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social Media platform can be used to reach new customer or foster relationship with existing ones. Our social media specialists can guide you in maximizing your brand on platform such as facebook, Instagram, linkedln, twitter and many more.

SEO Marketing
Email Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Data Scraping
Social Marketing
YouTube Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Be found by your customers at exactly the right moment. Maximize your online presence with professional SEO services from SR SoftTech. Find all the SEO marketing strategies and tactics you need to maximize your online presence and beat your competition with SR SoftTech. Optimize your website content to reach more customers through organic search.

Keyword Strategy
Website Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Business App Development

Business App Development

With SR SoftTech’s services, you can not only create a remarkable app as unique as your business, but can also reduce the time and cost involved in hiring the resources or building a new solution for your needs.

  • Complete control of business processes right at your fingertips
  • No need for a third party to integrate different platforms
  • Increase visibility to clients at all times
  • Your business deserves the best software

Website Design

The internet has become a giant catalog with over a billion websites available at your fingertips. How can you stand out from your competitors? You may have a great product, but with so many options you have only but a few seconds to convince your client to stay on your site long enough to get to know you. This is where our web design expertise and experience comes in to help you. Grabbing your visitor's attention and keeping him interested on the site is what we do best!

Static websites
Dynamic websites
Website Design
Domain & Hosting services

Domain & Hosting services

SR SoftTech helps your business in suggesting the best domain names and hosting services which more affordable, speed, and reliable. we can provide exclusively low prices on the most popular domain names.

Domain Registration
Hosting Services
Domain Renewal
Domain Transfer

Message and Mail Services

When you need to send short and accurate messages to customers, partners, or employees, SMS text messaging represents a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to communicate.

SMS Sender ID
Languages & Unicode SMS
Contacts & Lists
Domain Mail
Message and Mail Services
Cloud Storage services

Cloud Storage services

Online File Sync - Your files and folders will be synced in real-time across all the devices that you link using your account. Sync storage does not impact your backup storage and matches your backup storage limit.

Multiple Device Backup
Snapshots and Versioning
Manage Computers
Disk Image Backup
Security and Privacy

Server Build Process

To help your business move in the direction of growth, you will need to be able to rely on your server and the technicians working on your server. SR SoftTech is available to assist your business with its server issues 24/7. Our experienced and qualified techs are available nationwide. They will work with you to ensure all of your concerns are addressed. We are just a phone call away and can assist with the following:

Computer optimization
Security protection Software support
Operating systems upgrades
Data backup
Server Build Process