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Medidroid App

Best Billing Software For Medical Shops

Discover a super-easy invoicing & billing software that helps all types of medical retail shops to maintain their business.


Amazing Features

User Friendly

The interface avoids confusion and ambiguity by making everything clear.

Super Fast Speed

Try the lightest and fastest mobile medical billing app for Android devices.

24/7 Support

Our support team follows detailed customer service procedures and guidelines. we consistently deliver high-quality service.

Dual Language

It has currently two languages. Just choose the once you want to use.

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It's a free mobile app that helps to maintain the privacy and security of your data.

Awesome Rating

Great rating and a bunch of positive reviews and impresses...

Save Time

Manage queue with faster billing, auto-inventory, and account update, no manual effort required.

Theme Mode

Catchy Dark & Light mode is also available in our medidroid app for your convenience.

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How It Works?

Our App Is Amazing!

It is 100% Free, Safe, and Secure for all types of medical retail shops to maintain their business. It is Billing Software for Android Mobiles. Shop owners can use the app to record Sales items and Accounts transactions for their trusted customers.


Free Updates!

Medidroid app provides notifications and information on available. it's manage queue with faster billing and account updates. Just one click you know full details of a day report.

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Easy to maintain your medical billing process. Download this app available from Playstore and it's free.

 medidroid app


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